Electronic Territory (E-T) is an electronic device which greatly enhance login security on the web sites that adopt it. As a demonstration, we have created a dedicated area in this site where you won't be able to access, even knowing username and password. Read more on AreaWfi website.
Try the Android app version of E-T System.
E-T is a remote confirmation system based on PKI technology. You will need a valid ConfigID and next you'll need to be enrolled by our staff. After that your device receive a digital certificate and you can use the app to try login on electronicterritory.com. If you would try the app, please, leave an email at enroll@areawfi.com and we'll send ConfigID and instructions.

Electronicterritory.com is not more the state of the art of our technology. It lasts 3 years under constant hackers attention, without substantial upgrade,
and no one won the prize. We will update the entire website soon for a new contest. Stay tuned.

Username: areawfi

Password: 123456